Can the new rules limit competition in the sector?

April 1, 2019 amendments to Regulation 10 concerning pharmaceutical product reimbursement were introduced. Can the new rules limit competition in the sector? New rules effective April 1, 2019, allow NHIF to charge pharmaceutical companies if their sales exceed sales (value) from previous periods. The sales numbers will be now monitored every quarter. As introduced, the current rules are expected to bear future revisi
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Understand Changes in Drug Pricing in Bulgaria

On April 1st, 2019, few regulation on drug pricing and inclusion in the positive drug list were updated and in force. Here is a brief summary of the rules that impact directly drug prices in Bulgaria
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Parallel Trade of Pharmaceuticals

Restrictions on parallel trade in pharmaceuticals

The article is only available in Bulgarian, read the full article via ResearchGate web site.
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Wrong cup of coffee

Wrong cup of coffee?

In the public domain, every week we see outcries about availability to the needed of certain health care diagnostic and treatment procedures and tests, and ethical formulations in different European countries. In the times of financial crisis, we see EU and EU Member States National Governments heavily involved in the regulation of prices of medicinal products in Europe. As authorities are eager to guarantee the righ
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