ERP Guidance 2019

ERP Guidance, A year later

ERP stands for External Reference Pricing and is an instrument widely used in the last ten years in Europe for controlling pharmaceutical prices. The ERP Guidance document has only been released in July 2018, as Euripid Guidance Document on External Reference Pricing (ERP). It formulates and structures 12 guiding principles on how ERP should be applied in the context of the current environment and the available Eurip
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EPR Overview Bulgaria

Brief EPR overview & prognosis, the Bulgaria’s perspective

The debate over fare medicinal products pricing is one of the most contentious issues that emerges again within the EU countries. External price referencing (EPR) is used by many EU member states (and others) for the last years as a measure and tool to control marketed medicinal products’ prices. Authors’ strong believe is that although EPR tool embraces viable and progressive concepts is highly liberalized in its ap
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