Action Bias

Action Bias & The Value Of Doing “Nothing”

It is not a brand new and shiny idea, but it is a breakthrough article published back in 2005 by Azar, Ofer, and others — “Action bias among elite soccer goalkeepers: The case of penalty kicks” that analyzed 286 penalty kicks and finds out that the optimal strategy for goalkeepers is to stay in the gate’s center and to not move from that position. Almost always, however, goalkeepers jump left or right. Further, the a
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Wrong cup of coffee

Wrong cup of coffee?

In the public domain, every week we see outcries about availability to the needed of certain health care diagnostic and treatment procedures and tests, and ethical formulations in different European countries. In the times of financial crisis, we see EU and EU Member States National Governments heavily involved in the regulation of prices of medicinal products in Europe. As authorities are eager to guarantee the righ
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Irrationality in Health Care

Irrationality in Health Care:

“Irrationality in Health Care: What Behavioral Economics Reveals About What We Do and Why” is the first book that discusses choices and decision making in health care from the perspective of behavioral economics. Despite the book being predominantly focused on US realm development, the same concepts are applicable at the European level. The book provides insights into how health care policymakers, providers, and cons
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