May - June 2019, Key dates

May – June 2019, Dates to watch

Key dates to watch in Europe and World Wide for the months May – June 2019. May 2019 May 15: Presidential debate in the Brussels chamber. May 15: Implementing public procurement rules at a local and regional level: challenges and opportunities, Workshop May 21: EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum, EFPIA. May 23 – 26: Elections for the European Parliament in the EU Member States. May 26: Federal and regional elections: Federa
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ERP Guidance 2019

ERP Guidance, A year later

ERP stands for External Reference Pricing and is an instrument widely used in the last ten years in Europe for controlling pharmaceutical prices. The ERP Guidance document has only been released in July 2018, as Euripid Guidance Document on External Reference Pricing (ERP). It formulates and structures 12 guiding principles on how ERP should be applied in the context of the current environment and the available Eurip
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Patent expiry

Patent Expiry of Biological Products in Europe 2018 – 2027

Expected Patent Expiry of Biological Products in Europe 2018 - 2027 and CAR-T entrants in 2018. Kinase inhibitor products patents expiry in Europe. Not exhaustive list of products. Brand names included.
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Tendering & Contracting Practice in Europe

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Wrong cup of coffee

Wrong cup of coffee?

In the public domain, every week we see outcries about availability to the needed of certain health care diagnostic and treatment procedures and tests, and ethical formulations in different European countries. In the times of financial crisis, we see EU and EU Member States National Governments heavily involved in the regulation of prices of medicinal products in Europe. As authorities are eager to guarantee the righ
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